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Why Magnolia Charter Schools


In the fall of 2002, the Magnolia Charter Schools established its first tuition-free public charter school, Magnolia Science Academy-1 Reseda in the San Fernando Valley. Since then, Magnolia Charter Schools has established ten other charter school sites in California that provide an innovative and high-quality education.

Magnolia Charter Schools provides a high-performing Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM)-focused public school option to historically underserved families. Its schools outperform their neighborhood public schools, achieve prestigious honors in competitions and send students to the top colleges in the nation. There are four MPS middle schools (grades 6-8), 1 elementary school (grades K-5), and 6 middle/high schools (grades 6-12).

Pros and Cons of Charter Schools

According to research studies, there are a number of factors which play a major role in determining the success of high schools. They include school administrators, academic endeavors of the children, families and communities. Below is a summary of the merits and demerits of charter schools.

Advantages of charter schools

  1. Flexible family options. It makes the schools powerful and compelling. Even in public schools with a great reputation, the options do not fit all the key players. Parents should remain open-minded when choosing schools for their children.
  2. Enough competition. Competition is not the only factor that leads to high scores but it has been shown to affect the grades of learners. Charter schools offer enough competition to the learners.
  3. Foster innovation. Learning is not all about cramming theories and notes. Charter schools are not constrained by bureaucracy nor union rules. The learners have enough opportunities to come up with new innovations and inventions. The students can remain in the school compound as long as they want. The teachers are very supportive on experiments.
  4. They carve a niche. Public schools have to adjust their systems to fit all kinds of families. However, charter schools are only focused on the families who are interested in them. Thus, the curriculum is very specific.

When all is said and done, the mission of public schools is to enhance young talent and maximize opportunities for the learners. Parents have to think about how to achieve this and get high returns for the investment in education. For more information on Magnolia Charter Schools, please visit

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